The Heller Observatory is a privately-owned semi-permanent observatory located in Seattle, Washington USA.

Our primary imaging telescope is an Astro-Tech 10″ Ritchey-Chrétien on a Astro-Physics 900 GTO German Equitorial Mount.

Our current focus is astrophotography from downtown Seattle using narrowband filters and a scientific-grade CCD imaging camera from Quantum Scientific Imaging.

Here’s an image of the AT10RC on the AP900 mount with QSI camera attached:

And here’s a closeup view of the QSI 583wsg camera with Lodestar, feather-touch focuser and microtouch focuser automation:

Equipment Used

OpticsAstro-Tech 10″ Ritchey-Chrétien at f/8
MountAstro-Physics 900 GTO
Wide Field CameraQSI 583wsg Monochrome Cooled CCD camera with Kodak KAF-8300 sensor and integrated off-axis guider port
Guide CameraStarlight Xpress Lodestar
Wide Field ProcessingAcquisition in Sequence Generator Pro
Stacking in Astro Pixel Processor
Final processing in Photoshop
Astrodon 5nm HA, 5nm SII and 3nm OIII 1.25″ filters for narrowband
Astrodon Tru-Balance LRGB 1.25″ filter set for full color
FocuserStartlight Instruments Feather Touch
Barlows and Focal ReducersAstro-Physics CCDT67 Focal Reducer